Vegas Golden Nights-Extraordinary team!

I have lived in Las Vegas for over 22 years and have seen it grow from a ” Town” into a dynamic and vibrant city. One thing I have to admit.. never thought that we will become a sports city and the capital of professional leagues. Fron National Football, Basketball, Major league baseball, professional ice hockey team and the NHL.

The first Vegas-based professional team the “big four” of the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and the NHL, has succeeded beyond even the most ridiculous fantasies ownership and the league might have imagined.

With 12,500 season tickets sold and 41 wins, Vegas Golden Nights are winning week after week and the crowd is cheering. The T Mobil Arena holds 17,000 seats and they are all sold out! Extraordinary team with an extraordinary first year in the NHL with just three games from winning the Stanley Cup Finals.

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Go Nights!






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