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Are you ready to sell? Here are some tips to help you determine if you are ready to sell

MOTIVATION is one of the key elements that will determine time on the market and price. Purchasing and moving into a new home will create urgency. Job relocation to other city or State will also be an important factor on positioning and pricing your house compare to the competition. crises or loss of job will possibly motivate a seller to accept a lower offer. For best results, Its important to work with your agent as a team and discuss all issues in advance in order to achieve best outcome.

CURRENT MARKET CONDITIONS: The real estate market and the economy at the time of the sale is affected by several factors. High/low demand, short/over supply and low or high interest rate will directly or indirectly affect the selling price and incentives.

PRICE AND COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS: An accurate and customized market analysis that is prepared by a professional real estate agent is essential to price your home to sell. Many sellers rely on various home search websites that offers ” instant” comparables. In most cases this information is not accurate and causes sellers to price their home high and loose time and money. The longer the property stays on the market, buyers will assume that there is something wrong with the house and will offer a much lower price. Pricing the property at the current market will result in fast and higher price.

REPAIRS: Many sellers make the mistake of not preparing their house for the sale .Preparing the property before the house hits the market is very important and will result in higher price and less obstacles at the time of the inspections. Most buyers tend to over estimate the costs of the actual repairs or often don’t have the funds to do any of the repairs. I would recommend to walk the property with your agent and decide on the necessary repairs.

AVAILABILITY AND SHOWINGS: Making it easy for agents to show the property to prospective buyers is essential to a successful sale. You should plan on having the home ready to show and if possible, allowing your agent to install an electronic lock box. Making it difficult to show will turn away qualified buyers and result in longer time on the market and possible lower price.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before making the decision to sell:

  •  Are you willing to do the repairs and prepare your property to show to home buyers?
  •  Are you committed to keeping it ready to show for weeks or months?
  •  Are you ready to adjust the price to market value?
  •  Are you ready for honest—and sometimes hardball—negotiations over what buyers are willing to pay for your home?

If you answered YES to all questions and ready to sell your home, than I would like to apply for the job of selling your home! As a professional and experienced Realtor, I will help you get your house SOLD and get you to your next place!
Choosing the right qualified agent to work with you as a team is important. Knowing that your property is marketed and exposed to local National and International market is extremely important in today’s world. As a Certified International Property Specialist, my knowledge and experience, your property will be exposed to thousands of local and international buyers and investors.

Please contact me today either by text, email or call me at 702-612-7099 and let me go the extra 10,000 miles for you!


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