Celebrate Christmas Around The World

Christmas is about sharing love,and bringing peace and unity globally. People around the world celebrate Christmas
in different ways.

In Nazareth, Israel where Jesus grew up, You’ll find the streets with lights everywhere. There are a midnight Masses and parades.
In Naples, Italy, Christmas is celebrated by using cribs that tell the Christmas story. It’s also known as Presepe Napoletano.
In Greece, most towns are decorated with bright and colorful lights, bells and angles. One of the traditions celebrated is children singing Christmas carols in the street and attend the festivities. Shopping centers and the malls are also decorated with trees and lights.

In Mexico, Each year, Christmas is celebrated between December 12th and January 6th. Traditionally, children are walking the streets holding candles and sing. As part of the Christmas celebration, traditional fiestas called Mexican posadas and are held for family, friends, and neighbors.

Tis the season with warm hearts and joy. Enjoy your families and keep the season’s spirit throughout the year. Happy Holidays from the Global Time Realty family

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