Author: Revy Levy

Memorial Day is about honoring those who love this country and remembering the ones that sacrificed their lives so our children can live. My heart is filled with joy when I sell a house to a veteran or any family members. Many people do not have the chance... Read More

Christmas is about sharing love,and bringing peace and unity globally. People around the world celebrate Christmas in different ways. In Nazareth, Israel where Jesus grew up, You’ll find the streets with lights everywhere. There are a midnight Masses and parades. In Naples, Italy, Christmas is celebrated... Read More

International Real Estate. International Brokerage. global real estate opportunities,Buy properties overseas, Global Time Realty, International agent, buy properties overseas, investment properties. With the globalization, many people are able to work from their home and live in different countries. Virtual and satellite offices throughout the world provide global access to... Read More

Local and Global buyers are your audiences in today’s market and these buyers are looking to buy your house. Let me walk you through the selling process of your house and answer important questions every seller should ask themselves. There are few steps to consider when selling a... Read More

I have lived in Las Vegas for over 22 years and have seen it grow from a ” Town” into a dynamic and vibrant city. One thing I have to admit.. never thought that we will become a sports city and the capital of professional leagues. Fron National Football, Basketball, Major... Read More

You are all excited about your decision to buy a house and the first thing you do is start searching for your dream home. Before you start, it’s important to understand the steps you take to purchase a house. The first step is to shop for a mortgage and know your... Read More

Memorial day is a reminder of how great this country is. This holiday brings mix emotions of sadness and proud moments to many American families that lost their loved one and sacrificed their lives to make sure our children are safe. In honor of all the American people that served this country, we... Read More

Las Vegas is getting ready to have its own NFL Football team-The Las Vegas Raiders, and it’s defiantly going to change this world class city into a world reputable place to live in. The Raiders new home, Las Vegas, can’t wait to welcome its own team, The... Read More

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