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Hello, my name is Rena Levy and I am the Broker/Owner of Global Time Realty and a Certified international property specialist.Over 20 years experience working with local-National & International buyers and sellers. Because so many of my clients live all over the world, I designed my business to be internet based starting with the search for property through digital signatures and file transfers to make it easy for my clients.

In a global age, I travel between the U.S and other countries to personally meet with clients to help them find solutions to getting the best property that fits their needs and connect local sellers with buyers.

My team and I offer AAA+ one stop service that includes a team of professionals and certified: Appraisers, attorneys, building inspectors, property management, title/escrow services, insurance agencies, certified tax advisors, translators, contractors/small repairs and more.

My knowledge and experience of the local and international market has helped me develop a unique marketing strategy that helps many buyers and sellers accomplish their goals and find the best investments. Fluent in Hebrew, Spanish & English.

In today’s world and globalization, marketing and knowledge of the inside and outside of all aspects of real estate is very important to the consumer. As a global Realtor, I understand the importance of communications and marketing. My client’s needs comes first and delivering the EXCEPTIONAL service and work as a TEAM is my motto.

Let me GO the extra 10,000 miles for you, and be your trusted Realtor for life!
For more information on Las Vegas and the world, contact me or my team today Broker-Salesman

Rena Levy

Rena Levy - Agent with Global Time Realty


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